Elsi’s song book currently reflects the musicians she finds most influential, including covers of songs by Kate Rusby, Eva Cassidy and The Good Lovelies. She has also been writing her own material, most of which can be found below as both footage of live performances and home recordings.

The below videos were all filmed at one of Elsi’s favorite venues; The Banham Barrel. Over the years they have repeatedly invited Elsi back and allowed her to grow as a performer.

Pink Feelings and Salmon Thoughts
I’ve always loved the colour Blue and thought it a little unfair that such a wonderful colour is characterised as being sad. A colour I’m not so keen on is pink. So, when I wrote a song about my experiences with anxiety, general sadness and trying to overcome them, I decided to name it Pink Feelings and Salmon Thoughts. I think this name perfect for such a song.

Feel OK
I wrote this song while at Uni, during my lazy mornings, afternoons and nights.

I do love the rain.

Kind of owed them this one.

Her Smile
I sometimes write songs as a sort of therapy. As a result anxiety plays a key theme in my music and this song is no exception.

Sundappled View
Another common theme for my music is love. Here’s a happy one!